Certain objects seem to transcend what we know about them, they have an aura. A megalith is typically a massive stone, placed in a significant location for reasons long since lost to time. Still they have an inescapable mystery about them that bellies [...]

It’s over various road trips, striding the United States that Curran Hatleberg has put together his series Crowed Edge and Dogwood, which operate together as a common body of work.

It can take him weeks, even months, in a state of constant [...]

Art has carved out many long and winding paths throughout its history, but perhaps none more so than the one collage has trodden down. From its beginnings following the invention of paper in China over 2000 years ago, to its extensive use [...]

Milan-based Enrico Smerilli’s projects involve a multitude of mediums and processes with his interests spanning installation, video and photography. Mountains(s), Smerilli’s latest body of work represents an experimental approach [...]

A recent graduate of Brighton University, Alex Catt’s series As Water Returns to the Sea, is a conclusion of his time spent at La Fragua Artist Residency in Belalcazar, northern Spain late 2012. 

The [...]

It must be one of the rarer types of photography; when it no longer matters or feels that in front of you are pictures. Most of time, even if subconsciously, we remain aware of a photographic process, a technique, a skill. But every now and [...]


Bizarre, uncomfortable, opposing; not necessarily bad traits in photography, but Nicholas Feldmeyer has certainly mastered them. The MFA graduate from the Slade School of Fine Art straddles what we generally consider to be the straightforward, [...]


New York based photographer Asger Carlsen is a champion of the humorous grotesque. He is more than a photographer, he is a sculptor of absurdity and abnormality. Previous projects Wrong and Hester have seen Carlsen [...]

The grannies in Tel Aviv are not your average old-age pensioners. They socialise in malls, go to the Opera and just generally have a good time. On a six-month trip to the Israeli town, Andi Schmied decided to photograph [...]

Germany is a country known for its festivals and celebrations, with traditions playing a very important part of the activities. From 1985 to 1991, Andreas Weinand went about photographing these events happening throughout Western Germany. [...]