Sleeping Through An Earthquake – Brendan Baker & Daniel Evans

Sleeping Through an Earthquake

Brendan Baker & Daniel Evans 


£5 / 32pp

February 2014

ISBN: 9789868972537

Sleeping Through an Earthquake is a collaborative effort between photographic duo Brendan Baker and Daniel Evans, and the by-product of a month spent in India in 2011. Contained within its soft cover is a mixture of colour and b&w images – largely people-less and often stark, minimal still lifes with precarious sculptural qualities. We see both interior and exterior spaces, mostly in the dead of night and flash-lit. A central section switches decisively to full bleed colour, contrasting vivid palm trees with a parched animal skull, and a gentle sunset with the sheen of a satin shirt. The work is very much a personal reaction to an alien environment, and whilst it is certainly not a version of India you will immediately recognise, it is all the stronger for it. Totalling 31 photographs, it is a modestly sized publication, and hearing of the large pile of negatives that came back from the trip and having seen additional images from the project online, it would have been interesting to see a slightly expanded edit. However, there is still a distinct harmony between the production values and the work itself, so perhaps the balance is just right.

Reviewed by James D. Clark
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