Ezekiel 36:36 – Nick Ballon

From a workforce of thousands manning a glamourous fleet of planes that once carried Pope John Paul II, to stray dogs roaming crumbling offices; Ballon’s book takes a sympathetic look at Bolivia’s LAB Airline and its small army of proud and loyal employees that continue to come to work and keep the company afloat despite crippling pay cuts, revoked flying licenses and financial uncertainty. In a moving series of quiet photographs, Ezekiel 36:36 tells a story of unwavering hope and faith in the midst of economic tribulation, in which prayer groups of unpaid employees meet on a weekly basis to boost morale and seek divine help in taking their planes to the skies once more. Beautifully designed by StudioThompson, the book includes an additional newsprint zine insert featuring curious photographs and retro graphic ephemera from the airline’s archive, as well as the novel and evocative detail of a used passenger ticket slip pasted in each book’s front cover.

Self Published£35 / 44pp / July 2013ISBN N/A

Reviewed by Holly Lucas
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