MASS – Mark Power

Mark Power spent some time living in Poland in 2010/2011and sought permission to photograph Catholic Church services in the city of Krakow. Power is a self-confessed “lapsed Catholic” and MASS comes as the considered result of his curious fascination with the dominance of Catholicism that he witnessed in Poland. Photographs of the slits in collection boxes (motifs of the Catholic Church) span each double page spread, and it becomes something of a game of discovery to fold out the pages and pore over what scene lies beneath. Large and sumptuous photographs of congregations that detail and reflect the lavish opulence of Catholicism act as effective metaphors. Bound in the traditional liturgical colours of purple and gold, the book is a powerful investigation into the omnipresence and influence of Catholicism in Poland, and is a promising example of one of the first books from new London-based publishing house GOST.

£45 / 118pp / Jan 2013 / GOST
ISBN: 9780957427211

Reviewed by Joanna Cresswell
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