Mr. Cad – Alex F. Webb & Lewis Chaplin

Crude would be a little harsh to describe Mr. Cad, photographed and published by Fourteen-Nineteen co-founders, Alex F. Webb & Lewis Chaplin. Perhaps simple is a less loaded term to convey both its design and content. The book is the documentation of the last hour of trading by Mr. Cad, a camera shop based in Croydon. At the end of the book, in large, bold, red text it explains that Mr. Cad has been trading at this location for 53 years. Aside from the questionable choice of cover design and the simplicity of the central idea, the images are surprisingly complex and intriguing. They are a mix between an uncomfortably up-close and dirty style of photography and a more clean-cut, angular aesthetic. These, often contrasting, styles combine to give what is essentially just one-hour’s worth of images the weight they need to provide content that is curiously compelling. 


£6 / 36pp / June 2013 


Reviewed by Matthew Oxley
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