Travelogue are notes taken on the way from Canada to Mexico through theAmerican west. A series of images connected to a reality lived and experienced through the journey.

Strongly linked to the idea of photography as a documentation tool it has, however, [...]


Borderland is an ongoing project deeply rooted in a personal history. Su revisits familiar and nostalgic places from the past after yearning a sense of belonging generated by living a somewhat nomadic life.

The images comprise an obsession with [...]


Photographed in sourced furniture shops across the UK, Il Mondo Dolce or The Sweet World is a series of studies focusing on the gaud and grandiose of design details found in the shop displays.

Lucy Sparks is a British photographer, based in London.

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Birefringence is caused when light passes through a material with molecules of no uniformity. When the material, in this case clingfilm, is stressed or layered the ray’s speed is altered, polarisation then causes a variety of colours to occur. By [...]


Look at and away from Uluru (Ayers Rock) from every angle.

An investigation into how such a visually diverse landscape becomes constantly condensed down to a few endlessly repeated images and where the impulse behind such behavior stems from.

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Both a personal and collaborative exploration of Tver - birthplace to Tina's late father and present home to many of her relatives.

Where the Pigeons Roost is a moving series documenting her own experiences in the city intertwining memories [...]


Chuang's Landscape project manifests itself through photographs of the southern coast of England collaged with pornographic imagery.

Exploring the inextricable links between thought and vision, the seen and imagined, landscape and body, as well [...]


Guided Tour - an intriguing collection of abstracted viewpoints of exhibits and artifacts photographed in Museums around the world. 

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Krievi – the Latvian name for Russians – is a documentary project about the Russian community of Latvia. Historically, Latvia has always had strong bonds with the Russian Federation. Modest in size, the country has been largely dependent on its [...]

Images taken inside an empty European Parliament in Strasbourg, France.

Paula Gortázar (Madrid, 1984) is a photographic artist, researcher and lecturer in photography based in London.

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